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$25 CAD

THE M2M UNDERWEAR, by shawn       

$25 CAD


$25 CAD

$25 CAD



$25 CAD





I am super excited to be launching my very first underwear collection, THE M2M TOUCH. It has been a vision of mine for many years to design a sexy jockstrap that I could give to my clients and of course, something they could remember me by. I will be offering unique packages with my underwear to give a more personal effect. 

Green, Red, White, Blue & Black                                                           $10 in person        

Any Massage + Underwear                                                                    $10 in person        +       Massage Rate

​          (Please book in advance for specific sizes or take home the ones I am wearing during your massage)


  • 85% Nylon
  • Material: 85% Nylon and 15% Spandex
  • Great fabric, very soft and elastic. Comfortable to wear
  • Open back with 2 leg straps, no center strap. The front pouch is designed to provide a very snug fit.
  • Fit for any man for daily wearing ,specially for playing sports or performing other strenuous activities like running.