SLIDING/EROTIC massage                          60min           

  One Session                                                            $120                  Reg. Price                          Two Sessions                                                                                      $20 off

  Three Sessions                                                                                    $40 off

  Four Sessions  (5th Free)                                                                            $60 off




The Erotic Massage is a client favourite. A combination of Swedish, Therapeutic and Sensual techniques used to target the erogenous zones to achieve or enhance sexual excitation or arousal. As an option, a vibrating toy for penetration, blind fold and tied hands can be another way to reach full excitement.

COUPLES MASSAGE               


The Body Slide Massage is a very sensual and stimulating experience. Covered head to toe in oil, I will begin to slide across your body using my body weight to massage your muscles. This is a very effective and stimulating experience.

The four hand massage is a technique done by two masseurs, myself and one of my massage partners. It combines all techniques Swedish, Body Sliding, and Erotic Massage into one amazing experience. Must be booked in-advance.  

​​SLIDING/EROTIC massage                          90min           

 One Session                                                             $160                  Reg. Price                         Two Sessions                                                                                        $20 off

 Three Sessions                                                                                      $40 off

 Four Sessions  (5th Free)                                                                              $60 off

The couples Massage is for you and a partner to experience a massage by me. A great way to watch a partner get massaged and vice versa. This can be done in any style of massage you choose.  Glass of Wine and Toys can be included as well. Must be booked in Advance. 


DELUXE MASSAGE               

​​       "I need a drink, a man, or a massage, or a drunken massage by a man"


                      grey's anatomy


The Swedish massage techniques vary from light to vigorous touching. I will be using five styles of strokes. The five basic strokes are effleurage (sliding or gliding), petrissage (kneading), tapotement (rhythmic tapping), friction (cross fiber or with the fibers) and vibration/shaking. A therapeutic massage only (non-erotic).


     --- --- -- --- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --- --- --- -- -- --- -- -- -- -- 




​​​​​A Man to Man  



THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE (non-erotic)         


A 2 hour Session with me can include Dinner, Drinks or Both and a 60 minute Massage of either Erotic, Body-Slide or Body Scrub. I can meet at your hotel or you can come to my Yaletown Apartment.