​​​​​A Man to Man  


For many straight men stepping out of there comfort zone and experiencing man on man action is quite never wracking. Breaking away from what use to be a no, no and exploring the pleasures of being sensually touched and massaged by another man is an incredible thing. For many men this is a lifelong fantasy and a big step into the unknown. I have helped many men explore this territory and they’ve come out the other side with a huge feeling of empowerment and joy. It takes a lot of courage and vulnerability to be okay with oneself.

First Time MEN:

For every experience in life there has been a First Time. The day we discovered our erection, the moment we started pre-ejaculating, our first orgasm, the beginning of puberty, playing with our butt, intercourse and the list continues. If you are on my website, this is a great place to begin your man to man experience. I have worked with men of different races, age, background and body types. There is no shame in being nervous, its a normal reaction. You want to start slow and gradually take steps so that you can enjoy every moment for the first time.

You have already experimented or known early on in life that you have an interest in both men and woman. Now lets take those feelings and emotions and express them slowly in a male bonding kind of way. It’s ok to be nervous, I am here to help you relax and comfort you. Your physical and emotional well being are our highest priorities. This means offering a sensual experience with clear boundaries that honours your desire while maintaining an attitude of acceptance, nurture and affirmation. This is deep soul nourishment.

Straight, Bi-Sexual, Curious,

First Timers

Remember the time you secretly checked out two hot guys holding hands, the time you sneaked a peek of your buddies in the locker room or the time you accidentally stumbled across gay porn and instantly got a hard on? Whichever is your case, you developed a sense of curiosity towards other men and that is OK! Maybe you prefer to look at a guy sexually rather then touch a guy or maybe you want to touch a guy and have him touch you back  OR maybe you are 80% of the other curious men who have no idea why you develop the urge to be with a man. Well the answer for you is simple, don't think about it as Nike says "just do it". You will come out confident that you tried it and may want more experience with a man in the future.   


Straight MEN:

Bi-Sexual MEN:

Curious MEN: