​​​​​A Man to Man  


I have always had an interest in human anatomy and psychology of men. I feel as a masseur I get to learn both, how the body operates and the many different types of men.

​Sexy ​Shawn.....




I have been a Masseur for 5+ years. I have taken Massage Therapy Courses, attended workshops and taught my own  techniques. I practice healing and eroticism with other male masseurs.

Hi my name is Shawn, I am 28, 6ft2, 180lbs and I am mixed decent of Irish, French, and Jamaican. I have lived in Vancouver, BC my whole life and it truly is one of the most beautiful cities!

In my spare time I enjoy reading, writing, photography, fashion, and interior design. I weight and gymnastics train 4 days a week. I have been a street jazz dancer for 13 years and competed professionally as a teen. I occasionally model for special events and commercials. 

I love travelling! I have lived in London, UK and Australia for a year at a time and travelled to Mexico, Cuba, Thailand, Japan, Europe, Dubai, Canada and the USA. My next adventure I am considering is Brazil, Iceland or Hawaii.



Massaging men is one of my many passions. I enjoy working out muscle tension and strengthening the body. I find the human body to be like a puzzle, finding pressure points, decreasing knots and discovering sensitive areas.